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"Oppression Doesn't Exist!"

Oppression is silenced once you gave some comfort to the oppressed. This is how the country runs, not only because it's patriarchal. You were given RM400 aid per year, and you are satisfied. While you know it's still not enough, but still vote for the party. The oppressed still gets less fortunate, still have to work their ass off for two square meals, sometimes one. Oppression still happens.

But the nature of Asian values, in specific is conformist. They are easily satisfied by some incentives. While they don't really last. Being silenced for your rights is the best example. Check your human rights, do you get them all? If not, you can go check the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1945 and get yourself verified because that's what you need to get.

When you say there's no oppression in the world I expect there is no more poverty. But then, those TV shows Bersamamu, shows poor people?

Oppression does not end once you give incentives and money for the oppr…

Language is Just a Medium, Chill!

Every language has it own importance. It's heritage of culture, it's the medium for an ethnicity. We shall respect each other.
This culture of lifting other by bringing down the other is so deep rooted in our society. Why can't we have both language? I speak English and write in English, most of the time. But it doesn't mean that I've left Malay Language and my native Iban tongue as well.
Malala said, "Education is education". We should learn everything and then choose which path to follow. Education is neither Western on Eastern, it's human.
We think that by using English we are being Westernized. While our DBP is not creating and prospering Malay vocab and books? Do you know that there's a lot of people are unemployed because they don't speak English and unable to compete at international level?
Language is just a medium so that you can give information. Not just by speaking English, your entire life and faith changed. I really want to know…

Online Activism Matters!

I love online activism. I make friends with strangers, knowing that we all have the same struggle and fighting for freedom. Sometimes you don't step out of the house, and talk to people online. Sound meaningless but the Internet is a powerful tool for knowldege. They say you can Google everything to get answers. It's some sort of online activism that we are having everyday.
Online activism is a tool to propagate democratization. Campaign elections, manifesto, policy, all can be promoted through the Internet. You might warn people of not getting serious on the Internet because we are here surfing the Internet for different reason.
As you can see the power of the share/retweet buttons, you convey information and knowledge. Realise that information does not equal to knowledge.
Some might argue online activism as not real activism because yeah, you write things on the Internet without getting to the site.
Function of Internet has become universal, rather than going for social…

Field Diversity and its Beauty

We are very rich with diversity of people studying different field. Respect each others because that's what being academician is. Every field have their own strength, and every studies matters to the society. Everyone gives back to society. Don't say nasty stuffs. Scientific knowledge is important for development, as much as social sciences is important to understand how human behave towards issues.
 Don't say any field is important than the other because scholars from the past is well-rounded and they are expert in all fields. I'm sad that we are fighting of who's better than the other, just because you don't know the jobscope of one field, especially social science.
Being in social science, I had been taught reasoning, relativism, conflict, solutions. And no jobs? We have jobs in every sector. No worries. 
The thing about pursuing knowledge is to contribute back to the society, not to have jobs and become lifeless robot. If having a job means you can d…