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Move Forward, People

People are rather satisfied with what had interpreted into simplified version of the knowledge rather than getting first hand experience. This is why we are going backwards rather than being progressive. And we claim to be the best human community in the world? Jokes on you.

The first verse in the Quran that Rasulullah SAW received was Iqra', which means read. Not to read blindly, but to read between the lines.

Interpretation is open, knowledge is free to be pursued yet you shut curious people down because you disagree with their views? We are encourage to discuss and meet to ensure there is fluidity in arguments that is suitable for the entire community. Do not silence the voice of the oppressed.

Education system is declining, knowledge is not more than just repeating what we have centuries ago. Is there anything new? Don't blame the youth for being less woke and ignorant. It's because our static mindset that cause this to happen.