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If You Believe

If you believe in equal dignity and rights, you wouldn’t use your privilege to hurt someone.
If you believe that all human are entitled to their rights and freedom, you wouldn’t deny them because of their gender, race, colour, language, religion, and political opinion.
If you believe that everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security, you wouldn’t send them death threats when you disagree on what they have to say.
If you believe that everyone shouldn’t not be treated as slave, you will not allow human trafficking to happen, and say it’s their fault when they are deceived.
If you believe that no one is subjected to torture and cruel punishment, you will not support death penalty and all the punishment carried out to “extract information”.
If you believe that everyone has the right to be protected by law, you will seek justice and improve the judiciary system, not ruin it. 
If you believe that a person cannot be arrested without reason, you will seek reasoning and not accuse so…

Sabotaging Myself

Personality traits is the best way to analyze how you react to certain things. 
If you still haven't discovered your personality traits, you can log on to 16 Personalities Test.
Despite having strength, there are things that I keep on doing, affecting my life and performance. What is that? 
I'm an INFJ-T, based on my personality test. On Game of Thrones, my character is Jon Snow (which I don't know why are we related in personality, I don't even like him)

So based on an article written by Heidi Priebe, this is how an INFJ sabotages themselves. 
You sabotage your life by chasing perfection.
There’s nothing wrong with keeping your standards high. It’s just that your tendency to accept nothing less than absolute perfection can sometimes mean you end up with, well, nothing. You sabotage your life by assuming that happiness will only show up for you if you cultivate the absolute perfect situation for yourself.
To avoid self-sabotage, let yourself lean into imperfection. There…

Product of the Month | Self-Stirring Mug

I think I *probably* saw about Self Stirring Mug in a video from a popular site, I hardly remember. But since, I been thinking of owning one. I thought it was really pricey, but nope nope nope! 
The self stirring mug is RM19.90 at the DIY store (approximately USD3.5-4), and I grabbed it! 
Love my mug!
I has always been a mug mania. I love collecting mugs and containters and watter bottles. I think this stuffs are so fascinating. Although I only use one per day but I kept on buying. My latest baby is  the A5 Memo Bottle, which I will talk about soon!
So how does the self stirring mug works? Here's a video!

There's a lot of critique of how lazy people is by getting a self-stirring mug, but I don't think that is a problem. You don't have to use spoons and it's well blended to the bottom of the mug. Though thick powder may limits the movement of the spinner, but I think it's fine for now. It's cool to have this stuff around.
I don't think I'll stop buyi…

Javian | Exploring Sarawak Food in Kuala Lumpur

The struggle of looking for Sarawak food in Peninsular Malaysia is real, y'all. When you miss home and you remind yourself of your mom's cooking hot, brewed Laksa Sarawak in the morning (well, I eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner). 
I was exploring around to find if I can eat my favourite Laksa Sarawak - and I found Javian Kitchen in The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan! I was based in Bandar Tasik Selatan, so Seri Kembangan is around 15 minutes from my place. I was so happy, I planned to go with my best friend, Intan there.

The place is rad tho! Photo source: Javian

Cool interior design! It was filled with Sarawak creative products as well, too bad I didn't take much pictures. 

The savoury Laksa Sarawak. Tastes sweet and spicy and fat-sy! Haha! Probably among the best Laksa I've tasted so far. A big full bowl, with portions of chicken and prawns. Satisfying!
They have wide range of Sarawak food, but I go straight for Laksa Sarawak. I saw Nasi Goreng Cornbeef (Fried Ric…

Eating Good | The Apps that You Need

100kg is the weight that I have now.
I've bear with it for one year - I was simply very comfortable with my weight without noticing how much it impacted me, mentally and physically.  

Physically, I'm weak, I'm always exhausted, I didn't do exercise and usually have trouble sleeping; due to overeating, extra energy, unregulated sleeping schedule and most of the time, insomnia. I also suffered from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which leads to hirsutism and irregular periods. 
Mentally, I have trouble coping with my bipolar disorder and anxiety issues - when it hits me hard, I either eat too much or too little. Body image issues, insecurities, engulfed me into a dread of continuous sorrow.
So just few weeks back, I discovered this apps on Play Store, Lifesum.

I managed to track on calories that I take for a day. It also sync to my Google Fit tracker, which I know how much steps I taken, exercise etc. I set myself to walk 5,000 steps a day. I found out that my mornin…

Monday Motivation | Anything Is Possible If You Pay The Price

Hey guys, let's take a break from book talks this week.

Just want to share this gem by Benjamin Hardy - which reminds me that my life was miserable and unorganised at all.

You can learn, have, or be anything if you are willing to pay the price.

You can be a millionaire in not a long period of time.

You could be an established expert on any topic.

You could be a successful business owner.

You could have deep spiritual understanding.

You could do an Iron Man triathlon.

You could be an empathetic, caring, and loving person.

You could have beautiful and meaningful relationships with your romantic partner, business colleagues, mentors, and other people who inspire you.

You could be the person you know within yourself you can be.

You can live the life you know within yourself you are meant to live.

But you have to pay the price.

You have to actually make a decision. If you try to be everywhere, you’ll end up nowhere. If you try to be everyone, you’ll end up no one.

You have to choose wh…

Astrology Freaks | September Sagittarius

One of my favourite website is Magdalene, a feminist website from Indonesia. I just recently followed them and they have really good content on South Asian feminism that is very related to Islamic principles as well. 
So yeah, I was born on November 29th. My sign is Sagittarius.

Here's what Aisyah Llewellyn has written on September horoscopes:

Important dates:

5th September – Mercury goes direct

Mercury, planet of communication and technology, goes direct meaning that everything stops being hit by delays. Wait however for a few days before you buy electronic appliances or make big changes. Why? Mercury is still in the shadow period and Neptune is conjunct the Full Moon in Pisces. There is still a foggy feeling around and we won’t see the bigger picture. Leave big decisions until the middle or end of September.

19th September – New Moon in Virgo

We have a nice New Moon now in Virgo which brings opportunity to all of us. You could get a windfall at this time or hear good news regardi…

10 Minute Creative | Day 1

I stumbled upon this challenge from Nadine Adele, a mutual of mine from Twitter and I was wondering, why not? I mean, art is art, creativity comes in many forms. So I spend some time today during my lunch hour break to accept the first day challenge, LINE!
What is a Line?
Line Noun A mark or stroke long in proportion to its breadth, made with a pen, pencil, tool etc. on a surface.
Line is probably one of the most important parts of an artwork. Imagine creating a drawing, painting, sculpture, letter, poem, design, chart or table without drawing lines to divide the surface into shapes and forms – it’s near impossible to imagine lines anywhere hence why it’s an important part of near enough everything!  Lines can express feelings and emotions.
Types of lines: zigzag, curved, spiral, thick, thin, diagonal, curly, vertical, horizontal!
So the challenge is: 
o Pick 3 songs; your favourite song, a song you like the least and a song that makes you want to dance. All three songs need to total up…