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"Oppression Doesn't Exist!"

Oppression is silenced once you gave some comfort to the oppressed. This is how the country runs, not only because it's patriarchal. You were given RM400 aid per year, and you are satisfied. While you know it's still not enough, but still vote for the party. The oppressed still gets less fortunate, still have to work their ass off for two square meals, sometimes one. Oppression still happens.

But the nature of Asian values, in specific is conformist. They are easily satisfied by some incentives. While they don't really last. Being silenced for your rights is the best example. Check your human rights, do you get them all? If not, you can go check the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1945 and get yourself verified because that's what you need to get.

When you say there's no oppression in the world I expect there is no more poverty. But then, those TV shows Bersamamu, shows poor people?

Oppression does not end once you give incentives and money for the oppressed. Oppression ends when those people gets what they should get. I'm sick of people telling that: I've given this and that, where's the oppression? You can't see oppression because YOU ARE PRIVILEGED.

Just because you can have three meals everyday doesn't mean you are lucky. You are privileged. Lucky are people who can eat once a day.

People doesn't get what they deserve. Equal pay for their over time work. Safety. Education opportunities. Basic needs. Do you realise that?

"When you are privileged, rights feel like burden to you." That explains why you feel extra safety caution for woman is nonsense. Ladies parking, or anything that woman have special space for themselves is to avoid harrasment and rape. You shouldn't be there. Because apparently, covering up wasn't enough to save those woman from your lust. Then they are kept away from your lust. Prevention steps has been taken. Safety measures are done too. But still crime happens because human have lust.

I just want to say that being oppressed is more than giving incentives and comfort. It is justice, then comes after justice is equality.


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