Saturday, March 5

Field Diversity and its Beauty

We are very rich with diversity of people studying different field. Respect each others because that's what being academician is. Every field have their own strength, and every studies matters to the society. Everyone gives back to society. Don't say nasty stuffs. Scientific knowledge is important for development, as much as social sciences is important to understand how human behave towards issues.

 Don't say any field is important than the other because scholars from the past is well-rounded and they are expert in all fields. I'm sad that we are fighting of who's better than the other, just because you don't know the jobscope of one field, especially social science.

Being in social science, I had been taught reasoning, relativism, conflict, solutions. And no jobs? We have jobs in every sector. No worries. 

The thing about pursuing knowledge is to contribute back to the society, not to have jobs and become lifeless robot. If having a job means you can disrespect someone, you are wrong. What much have you contribute everyday that you think is enough?

Key: respect each fields. We are master of our own fields, and always, always be humble with whatever knowledge that you have.

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