Saturday, March 12

Online Activism Matters!

I love online activism. I make friends with strangers, knowing that we all have the same struggle and fighting for freedom. Sometimes you don't step out of the house, and talk to people online. Sound meaningless but the Internet is a powerful tool for knowldege. They say you can Google everything to get answers. It's some sort of online activism that we are having everyday.

Online activism is a tool to propagate democratization. Campaign elections, manifesto, policy, all can be promoted through the Internet. You might warn people of not getting serious on the Internet because we are here surfing the Internet for different reason.

As you can see the power of the share/retweet buttons, you convey information and knowledge. Realise that information does not equal to knowledge.

Some might argue online activism as not real activism because yeah, you write things on the Internet without getting to the site.

Function of Internet has become universal, rather than going for social medias and talking, it became awareness tool. Some people might not reach places that needs their help. You can go spread awareness to find more volunteers that is able to do it.

 I've been hearing stuffs about being real activist and not being a real one.

"You're not a real activist until you come down the street to do activism." No, activism only count if you are popular people.
"Whining in Twitter doesn't make you an activist." But if someone's influential did it, they are activist?

Power is the key. They can talk anything and do anything but do you see their activism. Because those who does doesn't brag about it. Some people can't go out to help people with activism, but less you can do is the spread the word, NO?

I'm not much an activist. I'm lacking in helping people outside. I'm much more to event organising. Doesn't mean I didn't go to road rally, I didn't care about stuffs they are fighting for. I can't go, and you assumed I'm ignorant.

Social media and Internet activism matters. This medium is so big for us to spread awareness and campaign so that people will know. Some people works on the ground. Some didn't. Does their work doesn't matter at all just because they don't go?

We listen to people with position and power in society and call them activist because they are vocal. Some too, but they are not popular. I'm so new to this activism ground and trying to find myself a platform to contribute. I want to do my part. 

Just don't talk how more and less an activism is just because one does not go to the ground and do it by themselves.

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