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The #notAll Erasure

When one person from a religion/race is problematic, and we call them out; we tend to associate them with their religion/race. Most people see this as generalization. While not all of the person's community is problematic as he/she is, it's erasure of the real issue. ‪#‎notallMalay‬ ‪#‎notallMuslim‬ and not all whatsoever, are pretty much distracting from the real issue; discrimination, racism, privilege, etc.
It's not the matter of defending your religion/race, it's the matter of deciding the truth and justice for the person who seek for it. Stop being petty when people talk abt your religion/race because you missed the whole point completely. Probably blinded by your privilege. Try to look into smaller scope, try to walk in their shoes to understand the needs of the community rather than being offended all the time.
Criticizing your religion/race doesn't mean you hate them, it's something better that you want to look up to, that you want to change. As someon…

Of Dissents and Hope

I’ve been swimming in an ocean of thoughts, with people driving themselves crazy over some dissents, and I was there like

“Oh, what we could have achieve is tolerance!”

But we didn’t.

So I sat under a tree of feelings, with mixed berries of words and expressions. People came and passed by me, and they say, stop.

“Stop what you were doing and go home.”

But I didn’t.

That day we all lose something, did we? When we go down the roads hand in hand asking for justice and we went home, and nothing happened…

We lose, hope. But nevertheless. We won, expression.