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Everyone is a Work in Progress

It is common to expect someone to fit your standard when you started dating them. When you started talking and you found this "chemistry" thing and you said oh, they are the one!It is common to feel like you found your life complete with that person beside you. Nope, not until you met the monster within them.It is easier to love someone when they are happy at 3 p.m, but when they break downs at 3 a.m and the world silenced them, you will turn your back against them. They are ugly creatures, and you don't know what to do with their mind. It is frustrating.Your presence in their life has give them purpose to finally living. Maybe not that big, but it's still a reason. To stop harming themselves. To stop having suicidal thoughts. To stop them to overthink.To say that a person is not struggling with their monster which lives inside them, you are not worth it. It's not the person who have less value because they are mentally ill, it's the person who they rely on a…