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13 Things about 31st of August

2017 Independence Day logo and theme
1. Malaysia gained her independence from Great Britain in 1957. Over 20,000 people gathered in Merdeka Square to mark the occasion, including the Duke of Gloucester, the King and Queen of Thailand and the Prime Minister of India. The first prime minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman, chanted some of the most iconic words in Malaysian history, “Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka”.
2. From 1957 onwards, Merdeka celebrations have been held every year in all its grandeur. Dignitaries wear traditional uniforms and costumes, fighter jets fly overhead in a blaze of smoke and military personnel and Kadazan tribal people march through the streets.
3. Inaugural celebrations featured dancing formations that depicted the emblem of the ruling party, Barisan Nasional — or the National Front Coalition Party. Barisan Nasional has ruled Malaysia since 1957, making it one of the longest ruling, democratically installed governments in the world.
4. Up until September 16, 1…

Reaction | Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale: A Dragon and A Wolf

It started with a stare, coldly. Greyworm is chanelling the Unsullied fearless and fierce emotions.

"Man without cock," Bronn said. It meant to insult the Unsullied yet they are the bravest army. Masculity so fragile I tell you.

The Hound teases the White Walker. Probably just making sure that that dead thing is still alive (?)

"If anything goes wrong, kill the silver-haired bitch first, then our brother, then the bastard who called himself the King." - Cersei. I see your priorities, Mad Queen.

Podrick's reunion with Tyrion. Heartwarming.

Brienne's reunion with The Hound. "I thought you were dead." "Not yet." Well, sums up all the entire plot for every episode's feeling. Lucky you're not dead yet after 7 seasons.

"Remember my offer. Whatever they pay you, I'll pay double." Turns out Tyrion is still that Lannister who thinks money will solve everything. Bronn? DGAF at all.

The arrivals to Dragonpit. ICONIC.

Euron sm…

Morning Coffee: How do I Replace You?

I was introduced to coffee by my mom when I was struggling with my PMR (Penilaian Menengah Rendah) back in 2009. So, to pull all nighter and burn the midnight oil, my mom will usually make me a big mug of hot coffee (with love of course), and watch me revise. And this habit continues to another big exam, SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia), the next two years.
During breakfast, I take coffee to wake myself up. Look at that rich latter, awakening aroma. But I'm not the only one. Malaysian adults showed a satisfactory habit of drinking plain water, with 99% drinking at least six glasses of plain water daily. Other beverages such as tea (47%), coffee (28%), chocolate-based drinks (23%) and cordial syrup (11%) were also consumed on daily basis, however, in a smaller proportion of the population. Full research here.

But some people doesn't have this habit, but they can stay awake, too?

So I asked a question on Twitter to find out!
Some people replied that they changed coffee to tea, be…

Books: Top 5 Picks from First Half of 2017

Another Monday, another book talks!

We have been through 8 months in 2017 and I would like to share dope readings I have done in the first half of 2017 (Well, there will another picks for second half of 2017!)

Title: Mata Hati Kita / The Eyes of Our Hearts
Author: Compiled by Angela M Kuga Thas & Jac Sim Kee
Read: January 13, 2017
Synopsis: Some stories need telling, and they need to be heard.

Here are twenty-four stories that invite readers to witness the lives of lesbians, bisexual women and trans people.

These true stories speak of our shared struggles of being human, of loving, of living for oneself and of living for others.

The realities of people who are non-conforming in their sexuality and gender identity are too often rendered invisible, and their voices silenced. This book attempts to change this, to help us all bear witness to 'the heart truth' of our fellow Malaysians.
Rate: 4.5/5

Title: Bagaimana Anyss Naik ke Langit?
Author: Faisal Tehrani
Read: January 24, 2…

Poem: My World is Blue

I see my world is blue
It's calm
but it's too quiet
and I was feeling sore
inside me

The bed I can't get up
The room I can't light on
The ground I can't step in
Just another day I wish I don't live

Is this a beginning to an end?
Is this when everything will soon be dark?
Am I going to sink?
Am I drowning?

- (I'm struggling with depression and anxiety, a bipolar low in mid week and it really affects my productivity, send some stuff to me to feel okay again)

p.s: I do suggest this Spotify playlist from The Buddy Project, to lift up mood!

Buku Tebal Challenge by @BookendsMY

Everyone who knows me know that I am a bibliophile - and I'm targetting myself to read 60 books this year (Follow my 2017 Reading Challenge on Goodreads!)
So on July, a reading community called BookendsMY had organised Buku Tebal Challenge, where we got to read a book, over 500 pages, and post our reviews about the book in any platform. I always loved Goodreads because it allows writer to read comments about their books and interact with them, too.
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So my pick for the Buku Tebal Challenge was American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

Check out what I say about Gaiman's American Gods:

Phew. It was a roller coaster ride for two days I spent on this book, ignoring everything that happened in this world just for Shadow's adventure.

I can't find anything that I hate about this book, truly a read that brings the meaning of belief and religion and emotional attachment and detachment, value of life and death to a person, and to believe that something has bigger powe…