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Elizabeth Natassja Rinie

Been through hardships in finding friends - ever since I was a kid. Until now, I don't really know how friends really look like. REAL BEST FRIEND. I knew this one girl during my matriculation - I really fell in love with her (in term of friends, please). 
One thing I want her to know (even if she is sitting right here, next to me):
Dear Elizabeth Natassja Rinie - I love you, from the first sight until my last. Thank you for being there with me, all this hard time, up and low, happy and sad. Thank you so much.
*hugs and kisses*

No Judging, please?

A: She gave birth to child without wedlock. B: She make sins but she wore hijab. C: She's a b (ya, you know).
And you -- the one who listens - what would you be thinking - if the person they are talking about is your best friend;
the one who take care of you when you are sick, the one who is always there to listens to your mumbling, the one who lends you money when you are out of cash, the one -- who means everything to you.
No pointing fingers - but I say, if you know someone better, you shouldn't treat him/her bad because of what people said about them.