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Favourite Liquid Matte Lipstick

If you're sad, add more lipstick and attack - Coco Channel Definitely gonna live by that, because I'm that moody queen. One thing that I love my job for is because I get to meet entrepreneurs and listen to their stories, while knowing more about their products. So recently I discovered a Malaysian made cosmetics line, Velvet Vanity .  I interviewed the founder, Adlina for my magazine, essentially. And I will link up the whole interview in the magazine ASAP! hehe What gets me digging in into their liquid lipstick? It's vegan It's halal It's cruelty-free It's Malaysian made They feature boys in their campaign and ads When I asked Adlina why does she takes up the challenge to put boys into the cosmetic ads, she said "because make up has no gender". Truly, a quote to live by! I first discovered more about Velvet Vanity when they launched their #BreakTheInternet campaign. It was truly breaking the Internet, and the models
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Conversation: Mental Health and Self-care

We had a conversation in the car.  About mental health in workplace.  It was a very sensitive topic to me since I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Having bipolar means the depression is worst. The period is longer. Then BAMMMMMM mood swings, anger, eating disorder, grieve, anxiety came along.  But we were talking about it because I was a high-functioning person with bipolar disorder. I didn't get medication for more than two months now, and believe me, everyday that pass by is just me throwing my body to the wall and breaks like a piece of ceramic and pick myself back again with bare hands. It's hard.  I didn't get medication, I didn't get counselling, I didn't get psychotheraphy. I was struggling to do self-care, I was struggling to sleep or wake up. It was a battle everyday, and to think about it, I just started a career. I was marching in a battleground every morning.  Mental health in workplace has been recently a raised topic in Mal

My Daily Skincare Routine

Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time – Linden Tyler. I believe in good skin care, makes you least need you make up and you can even have a better, brighter canvas to put on. Having a healthy skin also shows you're healthy and well-hydrated, so yes, drinking water is important. I usually put on 2L of water inside me, forcefully. It makes me visit the toilet often, but seeing my skin glow is just another set of happiness! I just learned to take care of my skin because when I apply make up, my dry skin looks so flaky and tired. I have to spent more time to look better. I have oily-dry combination skin, which the T-zone is oily, but my sides and cheeks are dry. And very very dry. Drinking water helps me, but I need more than that.  So every morning, I woke up with a cup of water. Usually ice-cold water. I am not a fan of hot drinks.  And I wash my face with Garnier Pure Active Matcha Detox Pollution & Oil Deep Clean Facial Foam.

Film Thoughts: Flatliners (2017)

I have mixed feelings on what to write about this film, but I'm going to write about it, anyway. A medical student, Courtney (Ellen Page), is obsessed with the idea of the afterlife, wanting to find out what happens after death. She invites fellow students Jamie (James Norton) and Sophia (Kiersey Clemons) to join her in an experiment, in an unused hospital room: using defibrillation to stop her heart for sixty seconds whilst recording her brain, and then reviving her. She assures them they would not be held responsible for any accidents. Sophia is against this, but Jamie does it anyway. After sixty seconds, they panic as they are unable to revive her, but eventually manage to with the help of Ray (Diego Luna). Later, Marlo (Nina Dobrev) arrives and learns of the experiment. Initially Courtney begins to recall memories of past events such as her grandmother's recipe for bread. Courtney experiences increased intelligence and euphoria, being suddenly able to play the pia

October Make Up Essentials

Hello guys! I'm sorry for the sudden hiatus on this site; been juggling between tight deadlines and photoshoot for my work. I work as a business magazine coordinator, here is the site if you would like to look at it! Also I've wondering what should I share with y'all, because my life is currently upside down. I slept 4 hours a day, most of the time I'm on the go, and I've been dealing with my mental health and eating disorder lately. It's halfway through October and my mood is soooooo into nude make up. It makes me appear fresh, makes me feel good throughout the day, and I don't have to re-apply that much on my face!  Busy life has taught me that I don't need full face make up. But I do have esssentials in my makeup bag so that I won't look like a pale corpse who has been death for 40 days. So, where should I begin? I would like to start with my everyday BB powder, Savee BB Magic Powder! They don't actually have

Only 2% of My Kinds Exist

Originally written by Alexandra Giardina, on Odyssey Online . Character associated with INFJ personality, Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. INFJ, referring to one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, has become a bit of a buzzword in the media over the past several years. The reason behind it: INFJ is considered to be the rarest personality type, making up less than 2% of the world's entire population. They are labeled as "The Advocate," and have been described as "mysterious," "intuitive," and "emotionally intelligent," yet the type as a whole is often misunderstood. Oh, and I am one. Perhaps you are, as well. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, created in the 1940's by mother and daughter, Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs, originally stems from the typological theories of Carl Jung, a prominent psychoanalyst. The test assesses an individual in 4 categories: Extroversion vs. Introversion, Sensing vs. Intuition, Th

If You Believe

If you believe in equal dignity and rights, you wouldn’t use your privilege to hurt someone. If you believe that all human are entitled to their rights and freedom, you wouldn’t deny them because of their gender, race, colour, language, religion, and political opinion. If you believe that everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security, you wouldn’t send them death threats when you disagree on what they have to say. If you believe that everyone shouldn’t not be treated as slave, you will not allow human trafficking to happen, and say it’s their fault when they are deceived. If you believe that no one is subjected to torture and cruel punishment, you will not support death penalty and all the punishment carried out to “extract information”. If you believe that everyone has the right to be protected by law, you will seek justice and improve the judiciary system, not ruin it.  If you believe that a person cannot be arrested without reason, you will seek reas