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Showing posts from November, 2016

This Gathering

This gathering -
is a fest
is a meeting
is a confession
of broken hearts
of broken promises
of massive mistrusts
of people who have been silenced

This gathering -
is a tribute
is a progress
is a protest
of people who deserve better
of people who had enough
of people who fed up

This gathering isn't just a gathering
It is faith
It is belief
To democracy we have put our compass on
Towards New Malaysia we put our destination on

Poem: Malfunction

Of morning coffee -
I can't wake up less cranky
Or feeling very edgy
Like a branch that breaks from a tree

Of coffee dusts -
that pour into the mug
this feeling sucks
man you know I would rather laugh

Of stale bread
My lips frown and sad
My shoulders wanted a pat
"Hey! You're doing okay mate?"

I just want to feel lively again
I just want to feel my brain
Working without pain
and just without strain

- hereenza