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August the 30th

Living with Depression and Social Anxiety

When I was a kid, I will faint when my mum bring me to the wet market (because there is a lot of people)! Also, when my father wants me to order food in the cafe, I will die inside and try to avoid the situation. Most people think I'm arrogant.
But the real thing is:

I grow up as an introvert for a long time. I isolate myself from people, most of the time.But as time evolves, I break through the barrier by joining debate, and became the ace of the team. Same goes to university. And then I go through this "exhaustion and silence" period where I caught up with depression; insomnia, difficulties to wake up, mental breakdowns, emotional outbursts and things gets out of hand, for more than 2 years, while trying to jumble up and down with my academics. I can never explain myself why I failed and why I cannot perform in classes and exams, yet I tried because I went back over and over again to my mother's repetitive advice. I just need to graduate from my university and sec…

Don’t Just Whine, Exercise Your Right to Vote

I woke up on the morning of the day when I turned 21, and then went straight to the post office to register as a voter. To me, the real birth of a citizen in a democratic country is to be able to register as a voter and to vote during elections.

And then I wonder, how many of Malaysia’s citizens are not registered as voters and care to vote during elections, while many of us vent our disappointment towards our leaders but are not willing to make any change through one single ballot paper that means everything to our future.

While there are people who lives in rural area, in places hard to access and can only be accessed through rivers, who are dying to register as voters and aspire to change their future, more than half of the population of in the urban areas don’t care to register as voter and do their part as citizen of the country.

Are we ignorant or are we just whiners?

Walk the talk, because you know that action speaks louder than words. There are two groups of people who is livin…