Saturday, March 19

Language is Just a Medium, Chill!

Every language has it own importance. It's heritage of culture, it's the medium for an ethnicity. We shall respect each other.

This culture of lifting other by bringing down the other is so deep rooted in our society. Why can't we have both language? I speak English and write in English, most of the time. But it doesn't mean that I've left Malay Language and my native Iban tongue as well.

Malala said, "Education is education". We should learn everything and then choose which path to follow. Education is neither Western on Eastern, it's human.

We think that by using English we are being Westernized. While our DBP is not creating and prospering Malay vocab and books? Do you know that there's a lot of people are unemployed because they don't speak English and unable to compete at international level?

Language is just a medium so that you can give information. Not just by speaking English, your entire life and faith changed. I really want to know if those Western who speak other language said that they are speaking the colonised language if they speak Malay.

If you really want use to use the Malay language, then all the entire system must changed. Education, economy, social. For ourselves.

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