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Not All Heroes Wear Cape, but They are Certainly Not Politicians

Charismatic leaders has high trust and very popular among the people. Thus, when he or she calls for something, people actually did it. But the difference between charismatic leaders and tyranny is they don't use fear and threat to their people. They did it with angel voices.
In Malaysia, I think there's a lot of charismatic leaders. In times like this, the people hope for them to be the saviour. Truth is, leaders are not heroes. They are doing their job to lead and tell the people what they should do. Work for better future. The only hero in Malaysian politics is the people. If the people choose to wake up and walk towards democracy, that how it works.
Too much idolizing of politicians and public figure is detrimental to politics because the people couldn't stand alone for themselves. I get annoyed when people admire certain politicians/public figure so bad. Yes, you could be their number one fan, but they are doing their job. They are serving the people because that is …


The choices we made sometimes, is something that people doesn't favor us to do. But isn't choosing is up to us who is going to decide? I'm heartbroken right now because my decision is something that my family wouldn't favor from me, and it's upsetting to know that everyone is bombing me with words that bring me down -- trust me, I faced that for 21 years, 6 months, and 20 days now.
For mom, I am sorry I am an ungrateful child who wouldn't listen to you for the first time in my life. I know I've never done this. I know you take care of me too much since I was born, but this is the time to be independent. This is the time to be someone else. It's not the matter of age, it's the matter of choices that I made that had thoroughly hurt you, and I'm aware of that. I am sorry, but please, have faith in me.
To everyone else who tried to decide for me, this is MY decision. I will take the risk out of my decision. I wanted to do this, and this is my dream…

The Orlando Massacre: Gun laws, homophobia, Islamophobia, and tyranny of majority

1) The access to gun is very easy in the United States. When it is easy to get a gun, the mass shooting happens. Guns kill people. To stop shooting, ban guns. 2) The shooting is targeted to LGBT community. Pulse is a gay club, admit this. The shooter does not target into random club or random white people. 3) The shooter is a Muslim. Swallow this fact; which come along with the fact that he pledge allegiance to extremist groups. 4) The shooter is gay. Do not dismiss the fact that he is a gay Muslim. Do not dismiss him being Muslim just because he is gay. Sexual preference is a thing, religion is a thing, and they CAN exist in one people. 5) The international media calls Muslim as terrorist when shooting happens, but not the white people. One concept: Tyranny of majority. When you are in the majority, you get to decide and your opinion became everyone's opinion. Same goes to Malays in Malaysia. Bitter fact, but reflect on this: who always talks louder in the mainstream media in the…

Orlando Massacre: Will Malaysians suffer the same?

Imagine one night, you were hanging out with your friends and another second you saw your friend get shot; you are unalarmed, not ready and wasn’t expecting it to happen.

Handphones are ringing around, their family members is calling to make sure they are safe, while all we see is lifeless body.  And we are thinking, what had gone wrong?

The Orlando Massacre is listed as among the worst event in the United States, takes place in a gay club, “Pulse”, and killed 50 people, the earliest source confirmed.

As the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) exists everywhere around the world and is specifically celebrating the Pride Month; this has affected the community, raising the question: Where is the safe space for them? In a club which they does not bother the heterosexual community, they were killed without mercy.

The rainbow that comes out after the storm; a lot of people actually helped the victims by donating blood, and raised fund which is started by Equality Florida at https:…

Freedom of Speech and Opinion: Does It Worth It?

"Before you speak, ask yourself: is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, does it improve on the silence?" — Sai Baba
I had amazing journey of my life throughout everything that is uncommon, unfamiliar and doesn't happen everyday to my life: freedom of speech. The connotation of freedom of speech has largely breached by some people; especially to exploit their problematic opinions and shoving it to other's throat.
I had personal experience with cyber-bullying last year and it hurts me a lot. I mean, I've been to a state where I become anxious of notifications and depressed of "what people think of me"; rather than thinking - am I saying the right thing but people just won't listen to me just because they disagree with me?
Being in the minority group has largely affected my idea of freedom of speech. Most of the time, I'll be shut off just because I disagree with thoughts (basically on religion, gender, race), especially in a country where has v…

Misconceptions about Feminism

I used to question the need of ideology when I first encountered feminism and liberalism; of which people around me warned that it's a really dangerous word. Well, IT IS! because it sees the world from different view, and wanting a better place to live. Here's graphic info on feminism by HuffPost India. Nicely done. Enjoy yourself ;)