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Sabotaging Myself

Personality traits is the best way to analyze how you react to certain things. 

If you still haven't discovered your personality traits, you can log on to 16 Personalities Test.

Despite having strength, there are things that I keep on doing, affecting my life and performance. What is that? 

I'm an INFJ-T, based on my personality test. On Game of Thrones, my character is Jon Snow (which I don't know why are we related in personality, I don't even like him)

So based on an article written by Heidi Priebe, this is how an INFJ sabotages themselves. 

You sabotage your life by chasing perfection.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your standards high. It’s just that your tendency to accept nothing less than absolute perfection can sometimes mean you end up with, well, nothing. You sabotage your life by assuming that happiness will only show up for you if you cultivate the absolute perfect situation for yourself.

To avoid self-sabotage, let yourself lean into imperfection. There’s nothing wrong with striving for your dreams, but some of the happiest moments of your life might just arise through trial and error—if you’re willing to open yourself up to the potential for error in the first place.

I think it's quite true that I wait until all my tasks are perfect to be presented, and I keep on going through them so many times just to make sure that they are well presented.

Until I had a conversation with my boss few weeks ago, about how I'm taking too much time to complete my assignment on fast-pacing environment. 

She told me, as the youngest member of the staff, with adequate experience, I was allowed to make mistakes and improve by time. I just had to do it. No matter how big or small the task, stop breaking it down and not being able to finish and submit them because they are not perfect. There's nothing perfect in this world.

And I think that is so cool, and giving me fresh breath to continue persevere and triumph my imperfections and flaws! 

Check out your personality test and check out the article to NOT harm yourself and thrive through weaknesses!


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