Tuesday, February 10

Book Review: Tirani by Beb Sabariah

(This is the finest picture of the book that I can find on the web)

The theme and story line is purely on women. Say it to me, I am feminist (grin) hewhewhew. This book is about a woman (Waheeda) who is obsessed to beauty, until she decides that she wants to do plastic surgery. She is tired of being mocked that she is ugly.

At the same time, she was a managing a tourism company in Sarawak. Yes, it surprises me that the whole story line talked about Sarawak, and I finally realize the beauty of my own land. Because when I picked this book out of the shelves, I never thought that it took place in Sarawak, especially Kuching. Those roads that I am really familiar with.

Towards the end of the story, her husband, Zahid left her because he thought that she was cheating on her. Waheeda struggled and became single mom. Brought up her daughter, Izzati until they met again.

The struggle of women caught my eyes for this novel. I really want women to be look up as the one power that can awaken the whole country, despite of their nature; being a mother and a wife.

You go, girl!

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Ashken Istar said...

terima kasih untuk sinopsis. sangat membantu :D