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Buku Tebal Challenge by @BookendsMY

Everyone who knows me know that I am a bibliophile - and I'm targetting myself to read 60 books this year (Follow my 2017 Reading Challenge on Goodreads!)

So on July, a reading community called BookendsMY had organised Buku Tebal Challenge, where we got to read a book, over 500 pages, and post our reviews about the book in any platform. I always loved Goodreads because it allows writer to read comments about their books and interact with them, too.

So my pick for the Buku Tebal Challenge was American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

Check out what I say about Gaiman's American Gods:

Phew. It was a roller coaster ride for two days I spent on this book, ignoring everything that happened in this world just for Shadow's adventure.

I can't find anything that I hate about this book, truly a read that brings the meaning of belief and religion and emotional attachment and detachment, value of life and death to a person, and to believe that something has bigger power than we do.

I think I was hallucinating much from this book. My imagination goes wild and it inspired me write something for myself!

(I don't want to ruin anyone's experience reading this book - and I'm looking forward for the TV series!)

UP NEXT is my second choice, A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin. Everyone who knows me know I'm a big fan of Game of Thrones and this book series just going to enhance the details of the TV series.

What I said about this book:

The ebook version I've read for this book has 588 pages. That's half of total printed book and I'm not sure why, but it's thoroughly an enjoyable read.

It's not bad at all, it just focuses more on characters and setting development than A Storm of Swords, which is so action packed and comes right before it.

It's not as actiony as A Storm of Swords but you'll meet some amazing characters and learn a lot more about the world. It's definitely worth reading.

Kinda like how A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings lead up to A Storm of Swords, that's what's happening with A Feast for Crows.

But I'm kinda disappointed that Jon/Daenerys/Tyrion is not in this book, but they are mentioned few times. Anticipating the next book because the political games just got real-er and better!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST; A Dance with Dragons also from George R. R. Martin. This challenge just provide me opportunities to finish all my thicc books LOL

My lengthy review:

To begin with, while A Dance with Dragons touches upon almost all the books central characters, it's main focus is on Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, and Jon Snow .We do hear briefly from Arya and Bran and get a healthy dose of Stannis Baratheon and Queen Cersi with some Jaime sprinkled in, but the bulk of the novel concerns The Wall, The Imp and the Mother of Dragons.

Westeros is a ravaged and war torn kingdom. House Lannister still controls King's Landing under Tommen's rule although it is tenuous at best. The Lannisters have earned themselves many enemies throughout the seven kingdoms and just about all of them are contending for the Iron Throne so the plotting, scheming and backstabbing, that Martin so loves to feature, are in full force in A Dance with Dragons. In the far north, Jon Snow has been promoted to Lord Commander of the Night Watch. He not only has to deal with the massive army of Wildings at his doorstep, but winter is coming and the threat of the Others looms heavily over Jon. He will be forced to make some very difficult decisions in order to keep the realm safe and his men satisfied. Meanwhile, across the narrow sea in Erros, Daenerys Targaryen has assembled a great host and marches forth in order to liberate the slaves and eradicate the trade. This task compels her to postpone her quest to reclaim the Iron Throne and she manages to make some powerful enemies while her power and her dragons slowly mature.

This was a lengthy read, phew! My ebook version is 916 pages long instead of 1000+ pages but it took forever to finish, thoroughly an adventurous read. More complicated plots and spin offs are coming, gladly I came to finish all the 5 books! Anticipating the last 2 books, tho.

So that's my read for July [lengthy and exhausting]! I have read books so far this year and I have 25 more pending - with lots of books wishlist which I wish I read!


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