Sunday, February 19

#ShowOffReading: Why are You So Sad? A Novel by Jason Porter

I guess this question echoes in my head everyday?

Jason Porter has slowly moving out the questions of being clinically depressed and continues to ask people around him with a set of questionnaire. Are you happy now? Why are you not doing this, that?

And all the odds.

I think it's creepy to have someone who thinks the way we do, and feel the way we feel. It's like we share common experience and waty of handling it *especially the sleeping and hiding in blanket*. Now that we continuously feel the same; we find someone that we love and want to be with all the time. 

I just hope my partner will forever be able to tolerate me during my low and high and listen to me more than myself listen to  my thoughts all the time.

I don't need a savior.

I need someone who will get through this with me. 

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