Sunday, February 12

Judging Went Wrong

Allamanda Putrajaya’s washroom is filled in seconds after the movie ended. Girls fixing their make-up, some fixed their clothes (which somehow moves while sitting static on a chair, but that is none of my business).

I’m fixing my lipstick on the mirror. A woman with her daughter waited nearby. I guess they are waiting for turns to use the toilet, until suddenly the daughter asked.

“Mak, why does that women doesn’t wear tudung?”

I guess I’m in shock, but tries to hide my inner battle in my head. What shook me more is the answer from the mother:

“Only women who are not afraid of God, doesn’t listen to what Him who doesn’t wear tudung. Men doesn’t like women who doesn’t wear tudung. Don’t be like her.”

I walked and smiled at the mother.

“Well, I would be shocked if I met you in hell later. See ya!”

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