Sunday, June 19

The Orlando Massacre: Gun laws, homophobia, Islamophobia, and tyranny of majority

1) The access to gun is very easy in the United States. When it is easy to get a gun, the mass shooting happens. Guns kill people. To stop shooting, ban guns.
2) The shooting is targeted to LGBT community. Pulse is a gay club, admit this. The shooter does not target into random club or random white people.
3) The shooter is a Muslim. Swallow this fact; which come along with the fact that he pledge allegiance to extremist groups.
4) The shooter is gay. Do not dismiss the fact that he is a gay Muslim. Do not dismiss him being Muslim just because he is gay. Sexual preference is a thing, religion is a thing, and they CAN exist in one people.
5) The international media calls Muslim as terrorist when shooting happens, but not the white people. One concept: Tyranny of majority. When you are in the majority, you get to decide and your opinion became everyone's opinion. Same goes to Malays in Malaysia. Bitter fact, but reflect on this: who always talks louder in the mainstream media in the country? And do yourself a favor, Google who is in control of the international press.
6) Honey, it's up to you to decide what you want to believe. Your opinion is up to you, but this is mine. and how I look into it.

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