Sunday, June 26

Not All Heroes Wear Cape, but They are Certainly Not Politicians

Charismatic leaders has high trust and very popular among the people. Thus, when he or she calls for something, people actually did it. But the difference between charismatic leaders and tyranny is they don't use fear and threat to their people. They did it with angel voices.

In Malaysia, I think there's a lot of charismatic leaders. In times like this, the people hope for them to be the saviour. Truth is, leaders are not heroes. They are doing their job to lead and tell the people what they should do. Work for better future. The only hero in Malaysian politics is the people. If the people choose to wake up and walk towards democracy, that how it works.

Too much idolizing of politicians and public figure is detrimental to politics because the people couldn't stand alone for themselves. I get annoyed when people admire certain politicians/public figure so bad. Yes, you could be their number one fan, but they are doing their job. They are serving the people because that is their responsibilities. 

Question is, when are you carrying out your obligation as the people in the country? When are you going to fight the bad system? Collective actions is very important, especially in democracy. Power belongs to the people. If we hope for leaders only, we are failing.

We call for democracy, we walk towards it, and we work together for it. We don't just say someone inspired us and stay at the back bench. Democracy is power from the people, for the people, to the people. Remind yourself of that, and we shall get what we want.

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