Sunday, June 12

Freedom of Speech and Opinion: Does It Worth It?

"Before you speak, ask yourself: is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, does it improve on the silence?" — Sai Baba

I had amazing journey of my life throughout everything that is uncommon, unfamiliar and doesn't happen everyday to my life: freedom of speech. The connotation of freedom of speech has largely breached by some people; especially to exploit their problematic opinions and shoving it to other's throat.

I had personal experience with cyber-bullying last year and it hurts me a lot. I mean, I've been to a state where I become anxious of notifications and depressed of "what people think of me"; rather than thinking - am I saying the right thing but people just won't listen to me just because they disagree with me?

Being in the minority group has largely affected my idea of freedom of speech. Most of the time, I'll be shut off just because I disagree with thoughts (basically on religion, gender, race), especially in a country where has very strong grip on tyranny of majority. 

So I went on and on about stuffs that is in my view, is wrong. I believe freedom of speech has liberated my tone of speaking - of which I realised - I must allow myself to be criticised. Being free to talk on your opinion on stuffs doesn't mean you'll be a spoiled brat, but you must too, be responsible of what you're talking about.

In my beloved country, my voice has been suppressed by authorities and being threatened by countless laws that might bring me to jail any moment. To the extent that I think; I might as well born deaf and mute so I won't have to talk about stuffs. But my brain said NO.

Reevaluating my thoughts on some stuffs before I start giving my opinion, inserting political correctness, fight for a better country in the future, abolish patriarchy and taking away supremacists and extremists in this country is my main goal. May the God ease my way.

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