Tuesday, July 21

The Perks of Being an Introvert

As an introvert, how I enjoy life?

People say I'm a little bit of a confused introvert but I'm quite convinced that I am definitely an introvert. And I enjoy my life just like everybody else does, sometimes even more.

1) I enjoy my own company, so I don't always need others company.

2) I have a set of very few yet very close friends. (And I'm a completely different person when I'm with the ones really close to me, liked I'm possessed by some extrovert ghost)

3) My room is my country or even my universe. I don't always need to go out there to have fun.

4) Books are my best friends. You could live the lives of a thousand characters in a book. And I could totally survive in a world with just me and loads of books.It is bliss to just go on a drive alone, or to shop alone or to even have a mug of your favorite coffee.

5) Everybody needs some alone time and i have a lot of it and I thoroughly enjoy this time.

6)I like to talk only when required and I love to listen a lot. Ain't it hard finding a person who just listens to you for hours without complaining?

7) Silence. Not everybody can enjoy silence. Introverts just can.

All introverts, unite!

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