Saturday, February 21

Road to Ramlee

Four close friends in a P.Ramlee tribute band goes in search of their own true voice, in hopes of becoming a legend.

I have watched all the four episodes of this film, (or short film) and it is really nice. Of how you can do tributes to legends. Singing back their song, acting their dialogues, are not really tributes. Super trend when you can express in your own words.

Episode 1: Published on 29 Jan 2015

A P.Ramlee tribute band is on the verge of their real break but tragedy strikes twice when they find out their lead singer is not only leaving the country but also falls ill two weeks before the big show. Should they replace him or go on without a lead singer?

Episode 2: Published on 4 Feb 2015

The band begins its search to replace their lead singer after the audition flyer Adam designed on his GALAXY Note 4 goes viral, but doubts ensue at the packed audition. Will they find someone who can carry the flame that P.Ramlee ignited in time for the show?

Episode 3: Published on 11 Feb 2015

With the help of their new muse, the completed band reaches a milestone by creating an original track: a tribute to every musical legend of Malaysia. Everything is on track for their big show… but fate has something else in mind.

Episode 4: Published on 18 Feb 2015

Discover the band's destiny with Reza's sudden return in the finale of #RoadToRamlee, presented by the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 and stay tuned until the end of the video to find out more about unlocking a secret music video!

Congratulations guys!
You are UN4GTN <3

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