Tuesday, February 17

Book Review: Gocoh by Wan Shafiq

The uproar of politics? Surely the food in my plate.

Gocoh took place and scenario in Kelantan; the endless debate on green and blue people (You definitely knew this if you are Malaysian citizen).

What touches me about this book? What I learnt that we always chose politic stands before religion.We are divided by our beliefs on who has more power, and we believe that we have power to determine who will be in heaven, and who don't.

The scenario of racism, and finger-pointing. Too much in the society -- but it is there. Until someone is gone, or something got heat up, then we realize that we are divided. We are not uniting, despite of the oneMalaysia.

A very good story line, a very classic spot of story. Definitely not wasting my time. 

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