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Film Reviews: Terbaik dari Langit (Nova)

This review is a special thanks to Dean Shaari because he convinced Liza so that I can watch this movie at the nearest cinema, that is also after a week this movie was released.

Sinopsis : Terbaik Dari Langit (Bahasa Inggeris: Nova) merupakan sebuah filem yang bercorak kembara dan fantasi yang telah ditayangkan pada 25 Disember 2014 di Malaysia. Filem yang diarahkan oleh Nik Amir Mustapha ini menampilkan pelakon Bront Palarae, Iedil Putra, Amerul Affendi, Megat Sharizal, Nadiya Nisaa dengan Sharifah Amani dan Siti Saleha. Filem ini mengisahkan seorang jejaka bernama Berg (Bront Palarae) yang merancang sebuah pengembaraan bersama empat rakannya untuk mencari kebenaran mengenai kisah UFO. Namun, di sebalik perjalanan yang jauh itu, mereka akhirnya menyedari sesuatu yang tidak pernah dijangkakan sebelumnya.

So what do I learnt from this movie?

(i) All Toyu's scene in this film made me laugh all the way in the cinema although there were only 2 of us in the cinema. Yes, I really mean it.

(ii) The fight for our desire the most important thing. So, Berg, I learnt my lesson. Even IF I WILL DIE I WILL ALWAYS FULFILL ALL MY WISH, BEFORE I DIE.

(iii) The humiliation to all Malaysian filmmakers. To the values of art. To all so-called-actors and artiste. This film is a spit to all faces who made Malaysian films, a joke to the whole world.

(iv) I finally opened up to the Malaysia indie scene.  And this one, on UFO. Nice on there Redza Minhat. "Kata filem pasal UFO, takde UFO pun?" The film meanings is too deep to be presented, but in my humble opinion, Berg try to present those who tried new things in the ground are called 'alien'.

(v) Few quotes that I believed I remember until now:
"Pandang langit jangan lupa tanah, hidup-sehidup-hidupnya."
Don't forget the ground when you are on the sky. Live as today is your last day.

(vi) And the scene with Pak Aziz. Yes, the late Aziz Satar. That was the most 'expensive' scene I believe. To have the most important and earliest people in Malaysian film, back in the yesteryears.

(vii) Amazing cinematography. And the flaws on the walls and buildings. There are too real to be talked about. 

To those who didn't watch the movie, yes, you are loosing.
To those who criticize the movie, it's always good to hear opinions.
To those who were evaluating the movie, it's not the job for you to put the movie values in. Others might have many thoughts, but arts are too precious to force people to believe what you believe.

I love indie. And Terbaik dari Langit? 9.9/10.


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