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Why Are Many Terrorists Identified as Muslim? - Quora

Ini aku dapat dari Quora. How sad.

Two simple graphs should show how global terrorism is morphing over the past few years. Twenty years ago, many of the terror movements were secular, primarily struggles for independence or were inspired by leftist ideologies. In fact, the top 5 terror movements from 1970-1995 by number of attacks were Shining Path, FMLN, Irish Republican Army, Basque's ETA and FARC.

However, over the last 10 years, the terror movements have been radically altered. Today, the top terrorist organizations are influenced by the radical jehadi ideology. For instance, jehadi groups have been responsible for most number of terror attacks. Data from 2005 - 2010 clearly shows that most of the top terror groups do have Islamic roots -

Source: Global Terrorism Database

Not only the number, but almost all of the spectacular terror strikes against civilian targets have been carried out by the jehadi groups.

The reason for this change is driven by three key factors –

[1] Absolute domination of a singular global Sunni jehadi ideology that provides a religious fervor to local conflicts for independence (Kashmir, Chechnya, South Thailand, etc.), radicalizes the general population and gives a religious sanction to killing of civilians and non-believers including Shias and martyrdom.

[2] Globalization of jehad from funding, organization, training, tactics to aims and objectives

[3] Presence of experienced, battle hardened and absolutely brilliant guerilla strategists coupled with the elimination of local moderate leadership.


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