Friday, December 30

Drama and Movies Issue

Okay, I bet everyone watched this last episode of this drama last night, including me. The most touching part is the part when Dhia and Zikir died together. How I wish my life is ended together with my future life companion like that. Okay, I have 7 years time to think about it again, for not sure.

I saw controversial issues on Youtube too. Okay, we get to watch this tears-filling movie just yesterday, because someone uploaded it in Youtube. Thanks to that person, most of us, who didn't have a cinema in our place, get to surf on the net and watch.

What's so controversial if we get to watch it for free? No biggie I say. If some of us had watched it in the cinema, congratulations to you all. Because you just contributed to Malaysia's film industry. While us, who are unlucky and get only the online piracy, congrats to us. Because we had to wait and wait at least weeks after the premiere to watch this movie.

No big deal. No fights. No hates. We all know, we all support Malaysian movies, okay?
Majulah filem untuk negara :)

p/s : Cerita air mata TV4 habis dah hari ni. I wonder, cubalah si N tu mati, si R tu gila dan other actors just get rid of the television? just get off from the screen.

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